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World Wide Web: Meet The Chauvin Boys

Brothers from a different Mother.  My boys say this all the time but apparently they don’t actually know what it means.  I guess they heard it somewhere.  Maybe from the Disney channel.  Either way, the saying rings true.  My sons are brothers from a different mother.


Our family is blended.  Together, my husband Shiloh and I have 4 boys.  Almost the same age.  Which makes things challenging at times because they all want the same thing at the same time.  They haven’t really individualized yet.  So we get lots of fighting and tons of competition between them.  I can’t complain though.  For four boys in a blended family, they really get along rather well.  Some days I’d like to rip my own hair out due to some of the things they get into but that’s another post.


Meet Ayden Maddox.  I was blessed with Ayden on July 7th, 2005 which makes him 8 years old today.  Ayden and I are a team.  I was a single Mom for about 5 years of his life.  I have to say it wasn’t easy.  But the struggle was worth it.  Every moment with Ayden has been the best of my life.  From the day he was born, to his first steps.  His first words, to the first day of school.  His first temper tantrum, to his first tooth.  His first crush, to his first heartbreak.  He is my everything.  He is the biggest Mamas boy you will ever meet (I secretly love it and hope he never grows out of it).  He has the biggest heart and is so kind.  But he has a temper and when he’s mad you better run for cover.  Ayden is a total perfectionist (just like his Mama).  He is my world.

Then came Shiloh.  God sent me an angel.  I know that sounds corny but it’s true (btw I am all things corny).  Shiloh and I had known each other since middle school.  We dated in the past but the timing never seemed right.  I honestly think we were both just scared to let our guards down.  We both had children and we both had bad relationships in the past.  God must have listened to both of our hearts because he brought us together again.  Shiloh is the better half of me.  He is everything, I never knew, I always wanted (okay I stole that quote from Fools Rush In with Matthew Perry but it’s totally how I feel).  We got married on July 21, 2012 and have been inseparable ever since.  With Shiloh came 3 sons…


Issiah was born June 17, 2004 which makes him nine.  He is the oldest but only by a couple minutes or so.  Issiah is my little helper.  He has such a happy personality.  He’s always laughing and being a dork.  I love dorks.  He is definitely the protector of the bunch.


Meet Azariah who is also nine.  Born the same day as his twin brother Issiah.  Azariah is such a good boy.  He has so much passion for life.  He always wants to succeed in everything he does.  Azariah loves being a twin.  Him and Issiah are joined at the hip.  The way they are together makes me laugh.  They honestly remind me of a G version of Beavis and Butthead.


Judah is the youngest of the bunch.  He will be turning eight on November, 12th.  Judah is my sensitive little boy.  He is the most polite and he absolutely loves music and dancing and singing.  If there is music on you will always find him being the life of the party.


These boys are my life.  They make my life interesting.  I promise there is never a dull moment in our Chauvin household.  No matter what life throws at us we will stick together.  We are a family.  We deserve each other.  And we deserve happiness.  Seeing my boys happy makes everything Shiloh and I do worthwhile.  I couldn’t ask for a better family to spend my days with.


I hope you enjoyed meeting our little ones and getting a glimpse into our family dynamic.  Family is everything to me.



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