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Bossbabe Feature | Infinite Events | RI Event Planning + Design

Happy Monday!  Today, I am doing something different and sharing a wedding vendor and friend that I love to pieces!  I normally share my Bossbabe Features on my personal blog but Erica of Infinite Events is one of the best for Wedding Design + Planning so I figured I would share her on my business page!  I absolutely LOVE working with her and I’m honored that I get to call her a friend.  Bride’s!  If you are overwhelmed and stressed with planning your wedding day, I highly recommend hiring a planner.  Erica and her team handle everything from working with vendors to taking care of everything on your wedding day.  I have done hundreds of weddings and when there is a wedding planner everything runs so smoothly.  Things never go absolutely the way you planned but with a planner you will never know anything was wrong.  They save the day over and over again!  Erica is truly a calming presence throughout the whole entire process.  She works with so many wedding vendors that she can listen to your vision and know exactly what to do!

Erica reached out to me because she was planning a brand relaunch and needed photos for her new website and marketing! We decided to clear out the studio and have her and the team (HI CASEY + ALYSSA) come in and set up an entire table! She even hired Peak Events, Stoneblossom, The Paper Perfectionist, and Montage Media Productions. It was such a fun day! I love working with brands to help them create a story to share with their clients! Here are some of our favorites from the session!

1. Tell us about yourself! Hi! I’m Erica, Owner & Principle Planner at Infinite Events. I have been in the event planning business for over 10 years and have solely focused on weddings for the past 8 years

2. Tell us a little bit about your business! We are a wedding planning firm based in Newport, RI with locations in Phoenix Arizona, Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian & New York, New York. We offer full wedding planning services, Event Design and Month-of Coordination for destination couples.

3. How did you get where you are today? Hard work and dedication. I started off as a set designer for TLC & Lifetime and planned events for a non-profit before I transitioned into wedding planning.  Who/what helped you along the way? Event conferences, books, mentors, business coaches and persistence.

4. Do you follow a certain daily routine or schedule to maximize productivity and well being? Yes! You have to, one of my routines is I always sort my emails based upon a specific client and work on all of their items at once so I am fully focused on them and their wedding.

5. If you could go back 5 years what would you tell yourself? It’s going to be awesome and you should take the leap and do it!

6. Do you have mentors or coaches that you look up to?  If so, tell us about that! Yes of course! I think in any business, it’s great to always have someone to help you grow. I am working with a mentor know on expanding our company and adding more education pieces. Stay tuned!

7. What is the biggest challenge you face as an entrepreneur? Staying relevant and keeping potential clients interested in our services to continually book with us.  Our clients are usually doing this once and we have one time to wow them!

8. You are a role model for women!  Do you have any advice for women in business? You can do it! And if you don’t make a mistake and learn from it, you can’t succeed so fall and get right back up!

9. What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working on your business? LOL, what is that like?! I enjoy my business, it’s more of a lifestyle for me than work but when I am not in the office or at a wedding, I am enjoying time with family & traveling. I love to travel!

10. If you could inspire our readers, what would you say to them to pursue their dreams? Go after them, learn everything you can about that specific business. Take every job, donate your time to get the knowledge not the pay check. Learn from mentors & people that inspire you and work hard.



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