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Why book a boudoir session?

Over the past couple of years boudoir photography has taken on a whole new life.  It isn’t for everyone but it’s becoming more mainstream.  Boudoir style has pretty much always existed.  It’s an art form that depicts the beauty and sensuality of a woman.  You can see it in all forms of art throughout history.  In paintings, sculptures, and many other forms.  But is boudoir photography for you?


I stumbled onto boudoir photography because I was looking for a special gift to give my fiance’ for his wedding gift.  It was a basic google search which led to more researching and then trying to figure out how I would do this without feeling awkward and insecure.  Let’s face it, as a woman, most of us are completely insecure.  I’m not afraid to admit that.  We even use it as a crutch sometimes.  It’s ridonkulous if you ask me.  But anyways, my search in Rhode Island landed me on quite a few boudoir sites but none that I thought fit the bill.  I didn’t feel comfortable being shot by a man.  A few of them were really raunchy. Some were gorgeous but waaaaay out of my price range.  Others were just amateur.  So I decided to just have a friend do it for me.


The pictures came out good.  Luckily my friend had some training in photography.  But it wasn’t the pictures that made me love the art form.  It was the way I felt after taking them.  The self awareness I had.  I felt good.  I felt pretty.  I felt empowered.  That’s what I want to give my clients.  I want to open up their minds and have them see themselves as something beautiful.  I know how it feels to be a mom and have no time for yourself.  I know how it feels to work 50+ hours a week and barely know what a social life is.  I know how it feels to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I know how it feels to not have the energy to put on makeup in the morning.  I know how it feels to have a medical condition that limits your ability to do much of anything in life.  So I want to take all that pain and all those problems away and have you pamper yourself and treat yourself to an eye opening experience.  You will feel liberated.  You will feel empowered.  You will feel beautiful.


Boudoir isn’t only for the girl who wants to give her boyfriend cute pictures as a gift.  Or for the woman who wants to give her husband a sexy album.  It’s for everyone.  I want to connect with those women who have husbands overseas in the military.  These women are fighters and they deserve to build themselves up and their husbands would love the gift I’m sure.  I want the women who have worked so hard to lose weight and now they want to take a moment to capture this amazing accomplishment.  I want the women who are battling insecurities because we are everywhere and we need to come together and build each other up and show each other where true beauty lies.  I want the stay at home mom who never feels appreciated.  I want the women who are battling sickness everyday.  The ones who become stronger and stronger each day because they will not give up the fight.  I want the women who have overcome any challenge in life.  I want real women!  The women that we pass on the street each day.  The women who teaches in our children’s classrooms.  The women who serves you dinner at your favorite restaurant.  I want you.  We all have a history.  We all have obstacles we have overcome.  We all have beauty.  Let me tell your story.


Boudoir is more than pictures.  It’s an experience like no other.  It’s doing something you have never done before.  It’s seeing yourself in a whole new light.  It’s connecting with a woman who has been through some of the experiences you have.  It’s liberating and empowering.  I think every woman should do at least one boudoir session in her life.  Not for her boyfriend, fiance’, husband, or significant other.  No.  For herself.

Feel free to contact me for more information.  Or just to say hello!

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