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There is a season for everything

When I was young I took photographs of every event in my life.  Every gathering of family and friends.  Every milestone in our lives.  Or at least I tried to.  When my son Ayden was born I went to the extreme.  I saved my pregnancy test, the calendar from the hospital, his first hat, a newborn diaper, his first bib, our hospital bracelets.  At the time I was just saving things as keepsakes that he could see when he was older.


My Pepere’ passed away last November  and now my Memere’ isn’t doing well.  I think she is dying from a broken heart.  She has had 4 major surgeries for a fall she took.  But what I realized was most of the photographs my family has are from me.  I took the time to capture those special times in our lives.  I have pictures of their birthdays.  My son playing with my grandparents.  My Mem and Pep are like second parents.  They have always lived next door or downstairs from us.  We weren’t the “see you only on holidays” type of family.

I didn’t realize how much photography really meant to me until my grandfather passed away.  I just liked being able to capture the memories we had together.  But now I realize we get to relive those memories and we get to show these pictures and tell the stories of the people in them to our children and future grandchildren.  It truly touches my heart to be able to capture the bond between two people or between a family.  Or to capture a special moment in a young woman’s life.  No matter what that moment is…

With that I want to share with you something I came across on Facebook that just brought me to tears and solidified why I have such a passion for photography.

Please click this link:  Moms Memory Lives



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