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The season for thanks

Now that Halloween has passed it’s time for us all to start thinking about the giving season.  This time of year makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Family is everything to me and these holidays really focus on that.

Growing up my sisters and I were super, super, spoiled.  Our parents gave us everything under the sun.  Literally.  I remember having so many toys that I would just throw them all in a pile in my room and not even know what to do with them.  We didn’t know we were spoiled though.  We didn’t act like we had everything in the world.  We were grateful for all that we had.  When my parents divorced we went through a lot of hard years and we were okay with it.  We were almost better for it.  My husband on the other hand was raised in a Christian family with eleven children (Yes! You read that right.  Eleven!).  His holidays were quite different.  Some years were a struggle and some years they had everything.  Shiloh and I are trying to teach our boys that it’s not about the gifts.  It’s about having good christian values.  It’s about family.  Love.  Relationships.  God.  Of course we still buy them some gifts but that’s not what we put emphasis on.

Appreciating those around us is so important to me.  I want my boys to learn to be thankful.  No matter what life hands them.  Speaking of being thankful I wanted to say Thank you to one of my clients.  Meghan is a mom who attended my first ever mini sessions.  During those sessions I promised only ten edited photos.  Being the person I am I overcompensated and gave my clients more than expected.  She responded with a beautiful note wishing me luck and thanking me for all of her images.  She also included these two gifts.



Seriously.  Gorgeous.  So perfectly me.  I love candles.  Love Love Love them.  And really?!  A camera ornament for my tree?  I was so ecstatic.  I still am.  Thank you so much Meghan.  You are the reason I do what I do.  You are the reason I enjoy this profession.  Meeting people like you.  Connecting with people who are like me.  I love it.  It’s what makes it all worthwhile.  Not because you purchased a gift for me…but because you listened to me.  My story.  You understand why I do what I do and appreciate the value of it.  You went that extra mile and were so thoughtful.  So again.  Thank you.

2013-11-01_0001Happy November 1st,





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  1. Your husband says:

    Hi my love! I’m so proud of you! Everything you do is with a loving and caring heart and I adore you for that. You inspire me and I know you will do the same for so many others. I love you!!!

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