July 21, 2016

Our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary

After a whirlwind of an engagement, we were married on a hot day in July surrounded by our closest family and friends.  We planned a wedding in three months (what we were thinking?!) before I knew about Pinterest or anything about the wedding industry.  I bought my dress off the rack, we had a small budget, hired a friend for photography, and still it was the perfect day because I married him.

Let me tell you a little bit about him, Shiloh is the man I never knew existed.  He is faithful, honorable, kind, gentle, an amazing father, hard working, loving, so giving, he has unwavering faith, he is patient, understanding, and did I mention how handsome he is?  He’s like magazine worthy handsome.  I ask myself on a daily basis how I got so lucky.  How did this man choose me?  Why in the world did he choose me?  I still find myself getting butterflies when I see him across the room.  He still makes my knees weak when he kisses me.

Sometimes I think “it’s too perfect to be true.”  Can we really be this happy?  We never raise our voices, never argue, always kiss each other goodnight, we believe in each other, we push each other to be better, always put each other first, and we forgive.  Are we flawless?  No, of course not.  We struggle with being a blended family, we still have problems that every marriage has, we don’t always see eye to eye, and life totally gets tough.  But we LOVE each other.  We put love first.  Our unwavering faith in God and the love we have for each other and this family is always enough.  He still loves me when I have crazy mood swings and he listens to my crazy life dreams.  He helps me with my impulsive ideas.   I hug him tighter when he feels defeated, I believe in him, I trust him.  We are far from perfect but we love each other perfectly.  We love each other unselfishly.  We have had four beautiful years of marriage and we will have a lifetime more.  Together.

For our anniversary we did a session with Shannon O’Neil Photography.  She put together a team of vendors to help tell our story.  It was perfect.  Our dear friend Val The Paper Perfectionist did stationary, Katie Kelly from Bloom Floral Designs made a gorgeous bouquet, and Kate Arabatzis from Oh Miss Kate made the most delicious cupcakes!  Here are a few of our favorites from the day!AnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversaryAnniversary




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