June 15, 2018

Blush Babe Tribe | Model Team | Introductions

I am beyond excited to share a piece of my heart with you today.  Lately, I’ve been searching for a way to expand the power of Blush with people who may not understand my mission.  I decided to create a tribe of women who believe in empowering one another.  This tribe of women is strong, beautiful, and talented.  They come from all walks of life and do amazing things in their every day lives.  I’m so proud to have them working beside me to inspire women to love the bodies they have.  We want to inspire self confidence, self love, and self awareness.  We want women to come together and celebrate each other.  Even if you decide Blush isn’t for you we still want you to continue the movement of loving one another.

Here are the 2018 Blush Babes.  I asked them to come up with three words that signifies who they are.  You will get to know each and every one of them in more detail soon!


That’s me!

Kim Lyn – Inspired.  Girlboss.  Woman.

Our Makeup artist.

Christine Dianne – Mom.  Creative.  Dreamer.

Liliana – Wife.  Air Force Cyber Warfare Officer.  Biker Babe

Bri – Ladyboss.  Dream Chaser.  Creative

Grace – Hair stylist.  Dog/cat Mom.  Wife.

Kristina – Teacher.  Coach.  Entrepreneur.

Tiffany – Super Fly Mom.  Wife.  LashBar Owner.

Emily – Interior Stylist.  Storyteller.  Pitbull advocate.

Rachel – Nurse Practitioner.  High School Coach/role model.  Resilient.

Hanna – Creative.  Dreamer.  Feminist.

Shawna – Special needs mom.  Advocate.  Friend.

All of us together.

We had a meet and greet where all the girls got to spend time together!  Here is some behind the scenes of the event!



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