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Blush Babe Tribe | Liz | Rhode Island Boudoir Photographer

Happy November 1st! Yes, I’m one of those people that are ready to put up ALL the Christmas decorations. This is my favorite time of the year. Family. Giving. Food. It’s the BEST. I know you’ll love this Blush Babe. She is a Mama and a NICU Nurse. Talk about a superhero! I’ve been sharing so many women who have huge hearts. It makes what I do so much more meaninful. 1.     Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Banuchi. I am a wife, momma and NICU nurse. I’ve been blessed to be married for 22 years and counting to my high school sweetheart and best friend. We have 3 incredibly smart and very opinionated children. I’m also fortunate to have an amazing career as a NICU nurse. My job consist of caring for the tiniest and strongest patients. I love to travel with my family and best friends and create new and lasting memories.

2.    What is a typical day like for you?

No day is the same in my world. Working nights I’m typically starting my day when most are getting home from work. I work 7p-7a and don’t get home and in bed till after 8a. I usually sleep till 2 or 3ish then i wake up have coffee then I do the things. I’m usually waking up to be a taxi driver to my youngest who is a senior in high school and is quite busy with after school activities that require many pick ups and drop offs and I enjoy every minute of it. My children are 25, 21 and 17 so although I know that they’ll always need me they are very independent and are all going in opposite directions. Dinner, which is typically made by my awesome husband, is usually just the two of us. We try to sneak in some couch time where we talk about what the next day will consist of or catch up on our favorite shows then it’s off to work for me. I work alongside some amazing people. My job is rewarding, emotional, exhausting but mostly amazing. To be able to provide care for someone’s greatest little blessings is such an honor. I work till 7 am give report go home then repeat!!

3.    On hard days, what motivates you to get up and start your day?

My motivation comes from my faith in God and the love and support of my husband and children.

4.    Who inspires you to live your best life?

My inspiration comes from the same things that motivate me my God, my husband and my children. I am also immensely inspired by my patients. They inspire me to appreciate life and all of its imperfections and to just keep swimming.

5.    If you could go back and tell your 13 year old self something….what would that be?

Hold on to all your clothes the same styles will come back!! Lol!! Also that cute 15 year old boy who said you two would be together “for a very long time” was right!! God does hear and will answer your prayers! You’ve got this girl!!!

6.    What is your favorite quote?

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

7.    You are inspiring women to get out there and love themselves, what piece of advice would you give them?

Although at times it may not be easy learn to truly love the skin you’re in and the person you are. I’m still working on that! Be ok with sometimes putting you and your needs first. Trust me it will be fine. If you fall and things get messy get up dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Never give up on you.



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